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Future Cities Laboratory

The Future Cities Laboratory combines science and design to develop new knowledge, technologies and approaches for a sustainable urban future.

Future Resilient Systems

The Future Resilient System programme develops a framework, concepts, and tools to make interconnected infrastructure systems more robust and resilient.


Human Factors in Automated Driving
The paper published in the journal Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science prompts a rethink about AVs

Infrastructure Resilience Conference
14-16 Feb 2018 | The call is on: submit your abstract and proposal for tutorial session before 31 May 2017

Smart Cities 2.0
25 Mar | FCL researchers talk about responsive cities in the ChannelNews Asia documentary

Singapore-ETH Centre opening doors in AsiaThe Swiss Technology Impact Platform offers an opportunity to link research with practice.


Urban Complexity Science
5 May | Asst Prof Dr Markus Schlaepfer of FCL uncovers hidden rules in the dynamics of cities

Complex models: Sloppy vs Rigid Parameter Calibration
5 May | Prof Dr Didier Sornette on making sense of models with multiple parameters

The Drum Mountain
20 April - 15 May | Impressions of the Javanese volcano at NUS Museum by FCL's Tourism & Cultural Heritage group

Global Cities and Megacities
17 May | Parag Khanna discusses if global cities and megacities are new modes of global organisation

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